Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DIY bookshelf

So remember when I posted about my DIY book nook that the Duck turned into a bookshelf? Well now I can show you the after into greater details since the cat is outta the bag and I am no longer clutching my images waiting for High Gloss to come out. I didn't wanna spoil anything before and show you to much from the issue, which in case you have not seen go here High Gloss Issue 3 page 60.

Here is what it looks like now

here is what it looked like before the makeover and styling it all pretty!

BTW the Drapes are Tie Dyed denim that I made myself...Oh yeah!

Rug is vintage from Turkey

Subway sign is Home Goods

the leather stool is from India

Art is Audrey Kawasaki

If you want the DIY shelf making skills,  I posted a "how to" 

keep looking forwards to this shizzle cause I got more of these coming.. 
Next up suzani ottoman...stay tuned!


  1. Ta-len-ted...nothing more to say...besides that shelf makes my knees weak.

  2. I'd like to borrow that stool from India. How long? um, forever. great job fab friend, and I totally wanted to write CONGRATS yesterday but my phone wouldn't let me..ugh! You rock. But, I already knew that. xoox shel

  3. Looks amazing. Soooo happy for you being in High Gloss. Your talent deserves to be in print!

  4. I'd also love a tutorial on those curtains, they look fabulous! The whole look is amazing, really...

  5. I love your rug. I've been dreaming of Turkish Kilims (Crazy?). May I ask where you got yours? Also, congrats on being in High Gloss. I love your aesthetic!

  6. Do share a curtain tutorial next woman. Looks fantasmic, as always! I was seriously popping with excitement when I saw you and Bri back to back. I love seeing good things happen to good people!

  7. Ok...styled to perfection...couldn't love it more...except if it was mine!

  8. Love those tie dyed drapes! Very cool. Congrats on High Gloss, very exciting but not surprising - you place and your work rocks!

  9. Love the bookshelves! I have a bookshelf in my apartment I am having an extremely hard time "decorating." I have saved your bookshelf image as inspiration so I can try and make my own look just as good :)

  10. looks fantastic! love, love, love the styling of the bookshelves! congratulations on being in high gloss! your house look amazing.

  11. i love how you've used a mix of textiles/prints and objects from different parts of the world with a more clean aesthetic - totally the look i'm going for when i return home and find a new apartment!

    (i'm currently living in india - so i'm sure i'll be bringing back loads of fabrics!)

  12. Loved your High Gloss piece, but even more so, love your style! You are a GOD of accessory styling!

    p.s. I'm from Hawaii too!

  13. I agree with them all this is really amazing and you are super talented. Nothing more to say.

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