Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BIG FAT NEWS and a FAB kitchen

I have some REALLY COOL news to share today so stay tuned here.....While you wait I will entertain you with some black grout and brass goodness.

Seriously this kitchen is doing things to me no kitchen EVER should. 
Black grout-Oh yeah
Gold AMAZING pendant light-check it
Navy trim and beams- uh huh
White Shaker style Inset Cabinets-You better believe it
Brass flush mount ring pulls- put a fork in me cause I am done!!!


  1. whaaaaaat?! that kitchen is a dream! going into inspiration files. thanks!

  2. I'm loving the black grout. It takes the classic subway tile look up a few notches.

  3. Oh there is a whole lot of GORGEOUS happening here- adore the black grout and dark blue beams...and the gold of course! Can't wait to hear your news!!!

  4. Slow day at work so the suspense is killing me!!! Why don't you just tell us.... NOW ???? :)

  5. the navy beams is what does it for me. Would never think to pair them with black counters, but it looks fantastic!

  6. Oh yeah the black grout is fab. :0)

  7. Wow, would have never thought of black grout, but I love this. Dream kitchen...

  8. Very cool kitchen, normally I am not a fan of subway tile with black grout, but this kitchen looks fab!

  9. What is the countertop material?

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