Thursday, June 30, 2011

didn't make the cut!

So here are some more photos of my HG shoot that didn't make the cut....

Also I have had tons of questions about my Suzani ottoman seen below....

I posted a little tutorial about it way back when,  GO HERE to see

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DIY bookshelf

So remember when I posted about my DIY book nook that the Duck turned into a bookshelf? Well now I can show you the after into greater details since the cat is outta the bag and I am no longer clutching my images waiting for High Gloss to come out. I didn't wanna spoil anything before and show you to much from the issue, which in case you have not seen go here High Gloss Issue 3 page 60.

Here is what it looks like now

here is what it looked like before the makeover and styling it all pretty!

BTW the Drapes are Tie Dyed denim that I made myself...Oh yeah!

Rug is vintage from Turkey

Subway sign is Home Goods

the leather stool is from India

Art is Audrey Kawasaki

If you want the DIY shelf making skills,  I posted a "how to" 

keep looking forwards to this shizzle cause I got more of these coming.. 
Next up suzani ottoman...stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Finally I can breathe!!! I have been holding this secret for weeks and now I can finally tell y'all.... I AM IN HIGH GLOSS woooooooo hoooo! Ok so go check me out under "Bohemian Rhapsody". The whole issue is filled with eye candy. Go take a look and hopefully you like what you see!

BIG FAT NEWS and a FAB kitchen

I have some REALLY COOL news to share today so stay tuned here.....While you wait I will entertain you with some black grout and brass goodness.

Seriously this kitchen is doing things to me no kitchen EVER should. 
Black grout-Oh yeah
Gold AMAZING pendant light-check it
Navy trim and beams- uh huh
White Shaker style Inset Cabinets-You better believe it
Brass flush mount ring pulls- put a fork in me cause I am done!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

DIY Senegalese Storage Baskets

I love these baskets, but with the hefty price tag of $150 bucks I wasn't about to spend that kinda moola on a thing I throw poop covered kid clothes into. So what does one do when they want to find a cheap alternative to something fab.....

First: head to Home Goods
Second: Spray Paint the shit outta it!

The Inspiration:

I found this basket at Home Goods a while ago and I liked the shape of it. It was $59.99 so I snagged it up!

I decided to go with just a simple zig zag pattern.
 I taped the shape out.

I then took a paint brush with a bit of white paint on it and dry brushed it on to make the zig zag shape.

removed the tape

Even though I liked the way this looked just in the natural neutral tones I wanted to punch it up a bit so I taped back over the painted zig zags and sprayed some "Berry Pink" Painters Touch over the entire thing.

I left my paint a bit blotchy so it looked more natural and antiqued..

and Walla!

I tried and although I Still like the real ones better...mine will have to do for now.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Best from the Flip Side

I am such an admirer of all things "Down Under"

{OK sicko's, get your minds out of the gutter...}

I am talkin about Australia!

  G'Day Mates.
So many AMAZING things have come from this country....

The Crocodile Dundee

This cute Marsupial Bastard

And this HUGE Banana to name a few! 

The list goes on and on. Obviously all of the above is great and worth taking a billion hour flight just to see....However I just don't have that kinda time on my hands or patience for that matter. Thankfully though through the magic of the Internets I get to visit my own little piece of Australia everyday through all the lovely blogs i read..  There are some SERIOUSLY talented bloggers and interior designers that  all happen to hail from this crakin country. 

I love all of them and they are on my daily reads list... I am always intrigued to find more so If your a blogger I should know about, let me know. Anyways let's get into it

These are in zero particular order except for the way they came to my mind. And no I am not receiving money or being shipped a Koala bear for the positive endorsement.

This first blogger is really Fantastiche. She can blog like nobody's business and she has a pretty beauteous store as well.. go HERE to check out the store and HERE to check out her blog. She always blogs about bright and bold colors and I think has some awesome taste!

The shop has some really great pillows and lamps and accessories!


Favorite thing from the store....definitely the hound lounge...or known as the Molly Dog Bed.

Next up, a blogger and an AMAZING Interior designer/shop owner that needs no introduction,
The lovely and Talented Anna Spiro from Black and Spiro the store and the gorgeous blog Absolutely Beautiful Things, is one of those all mighty women that leave you wondering "How does she do it?"She has more talent in her pinkie nail than a whole room full of interior designers and I have yet to see a single thing that hasn't inspired me in some way.

Here are some of her most memorable rooms.

I would move right on in to any of these rooms....for reals!

Next up the cute and always entertaining Louise of Table Tonic Blog and Shop! She has such great style and her blog and store are FILLED to the brim with oodles of goodness.. Some highlights of Mrs. Tonic in all her glory! 

Look at the pink sofa, is this not brilliant? Ughhhh I need it!

Look at her daughter Anushka's room {P.S I lurve that name}

and her Master Bedroom

Go check out her SHOP and buy a Juju Hat

These next bloggers are the mecca go-to blog for inspirational photos...before Pintrest I pretty much got every single image that inspired me from Desire to Inspire. These ladies have a knack for finding everything pretty on the world wide webs and always seem to discover the coolest architects, photographers and designers around. If you have been living under a rock and have not yet perused this site..well then here ya go...Crack on!

Look at the Author Kim's kitchen....It's one of my ultimate favorite kitchens

And go to Jo's Page and watch her document the progress of her kitchen re-model. Love the book pages as wallpaper idea!

OK and last but certainly not least Porchlight Interiors. The design duo Hayley Hayes and Tracy Leeson have a knack for designing clean simple spaces with a modern twist on traditional.....or something like that. I love their blog and I really love their design style. If you don't follow the blog already please do and tell them I sent ya!!

And If ya Don't know, now ya know......

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Disco Ball? yes please.

I am on the hunt for a big ball o` mirrors to hang in G's room. 

It's a touch of shiny I think any type of room can get away with, especially a little monkey named G!

see examples below.


if you don't have room to hang a disco ball...shove it in a fireplace, a bookshelf, or on the floor in a corner and the effect is still pretty SWEET!

Wapooowww how you like them Balls?