Wednesday, May 11, 2011


OK, I know every single shelter blog in the sphere is going to be writing about the New Lonny...but seriously Angie Hranowsky is REDONCULOUS! I have always obsessed over her but this issue with her latest project just threw me over the edge, slammed me up against a wall, slapped me with a cold fish to the chops and then smacked my baby get the idea. It was an intense experience.

In case you didn't study it with a magnifying glass I will highlight the best bits and show you just how amazing she truly is. 

OBVS, I love the textiles and ethnic vibe, all mashed into a pretty lavender box.

This wallpaper can just shut up with all it's glamoury skills.

Pink burlap and Wearstler!!! What the hell is going on here. Maybe I will close up shop and just go work for her...or just ripoff borrow everything she does and try to make it look as cool.

Show Stopper!

In Other Lonny News


So the guy on the right is Martyn Lawrence Bullard... the guy on the left is not. WOOPS

 I would be bummed if I my head was shoved as far up my own butt as this dudes seems to be...hmm. I don't know him personally but have you seen the trailor for his new show..He seems like an a-hole. Dawwling.!

Thanks Lonny for the pretty pics and the amusement. You get me everytime!


  1. i looked at lonny last night & Angie's master bedroom room also made my heart RACE. she is so incredibly talented! i also love the trim used on the curtains in that room & wish i could tell if it is gray fringe or gray pom poms? whatever it is, i want it! so happy to see someone loved the spread as much as i did!

  2. RENDONCULOUS is just the word to describe it!! loved it too!! the colors..the patterns..the whole mix..just fabulous! have a lovely day visit my blog when you have a would be lovely if you would follow me too! xx meenal

  3. Where does one find pink burlap?

  4. A burlap/Wearstler combo? Genius. All over that idea...thank god we don't all have to be wealthy to copy that!

  5. she is goooood. She gets boho-preppy just right. My goal in life is to learn that balance.

    Thanks for highlighting it for me, as I've been too lazy to look at it yet. Dammit I need an Ipad.

    PS- thanks so much for your sweet comments on my style! (Over at B&B)


  6. Wasn't sure if I wanted to read your post- I haven't had a chance to go through it yet! Angie is a genius designer

  7. Great design. We are so in love with wallpaper.

  8. You are such a funny writer!
    Also, yes, he does strike me as a douche. I can't believe he can work with anyone with that ego!

    Just a Silhouette

  9. Ooh...haven't checked it out yet but I think I know what I'll be doing this afternoon :D And that pink/orange toile wallpaper is so amazing! I did a post on it a while back too haha

  10. I haven't read it yet but I from what I've seen, I coudln't agree more- that Bengale wallpaper makes me literally drool...alot! And those dining chairs in combo with the pink silk drapes- le sigh...brilliant!!

  11. Loving your blog! Found you via Pinterest.

    I love this design featured in Lonny too. My fave from that issue and in fact have a blog article ready to go!
    The girl's rooms is amazing!