Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Room 2 Looks with: A La Mode

Ready to have your eyeballs explode from pretty overload....???

OK,  So I asked Shelli from a' la mode to play in my "one room 2 ways" series and this is what she gave me.....
SHELLI,  ARE YOU SERIOUS?.....It looks like something out of frikin Trad Home..!!

She is amazing and if you have not already checked out her bloggy you best get your butts on over and loose your self for a few. What an example of how a little bit of changes make all the difference in the world.

Here you go...your welcome:

Hi ya'll!  I was stoked when Amber asked me to participate in her "One Room Two Ways" series!  In fact, I was so excited, I guess I did it twice!  Her blog has been a daily read from the beginning for me, so I'm honored to be here!

My living room usually houses an array of blue and white pillows, as blue is my FAVORITE color.  I like a calm and serene atmosphere and feel to my home and blue always gets me there....everytime!

I buy everything on a budget and like to mix high and low end furniture, textiles and accessories.  All of my sources for this room look can be found here.

But....I have design ADD like to mix it up.  
NEVER underestimate the power of pillows and accessories my friends!

So for a fresh spring feel to the living room, I added the two linen pillows from William Sonoma Home for a pop of orange. Another trick I use a lot is to change the lamp shade instead of the entire lamp.  Most of my lamps have a neutral base, so when you find fun shades (like these from HomeGoods), you get a new look for a smaller price tag than a new lamp!  

The two side pillows were made from dwell studio placemats as well as the yellow linen bolster. If you can sew or know someone who can, this is an inexpensive way to have higher end fabrics for pillows!   I turned the coffee table around and added the white ceramic vase and candle from HomeGoods, and a hydrangea (my FAV!) from the grocery store.  The small glass sea urchin vases are also from Homegoods and are filled with inexpensive stems from the grocery store.  

Well, that was easy, right?  Lets do it again!

Here is how my master bedroom normally looks.  Serene and calm with blue.  Are you seeing a color love theme here?  

It helps having some consistency in color throughout my home, as it makes for easy pillow and textile swaps when you want to change up your look, but don't necessarily have the budget to buy brand new items.  All of my sources for this room look can be found here.

Sometimes sticking with neutrals and whites create just as calm of an environment.  Good for sleeping, right?  I bought this duvet and shams for $23.33 at Smart Bargains!  Crazy cheap!  I also bought a plain white euro sham off of ebay for $5 and mixed it right back in with the other 2 existing white shams.  The small lumbar pillows are cashmere, another great find from the potterybarn outlet (William Sonoma Home).  

Sometimes even a subtle change will still create a new look!
Thank you for having me Amber!  
For more peeks into my home, check out my home tour.

Thanks for playin Shelli, your skills are impressive!


  1. I love both of these! One of my favorites so far. How amazing is her striped couch??

  2. thank you for having me amber!!! xoxo shelli

  3. What a pretty room! They are so serene and calming. Beautiful!

  4. Shelli, I just love this post! How fun is it to play "Can you spot the difference?"


  5. What beautiful rooms.We really like the ones with the darker colors. Just pop.

  6. Shelli's rooms are so beautiful!

  7. it's amazing how just a few little changes make a huge difference. How fun!

  8. Oh they're both gorgeous- that bench at the foot of her bed is amazing. Oh and PS, I met a friend of yours today. I was in NYC at the New Traditionalist showroom and one of the people working there asked me what I did so I said I was a design blogger and then she said her friend Amber recently started a design blog and I said oh what's her blog called and she was like Amber Design and I was like Amber Interiors and I she said yes and I was like holy shit...I know her!! Very very small world- she was in your wedding apparently- very good friend of yours- I can't remember her name because I'm terrible at names but...yes, met your friend today:)

  9. Amber Thanks for featuring Shelli isn't she great!!

    Art by Karena

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  10. Beautiful transformations here and a good reminder to buy neutral lamp shades and change out the shades - kinda like a neutral couch so you can change out the pillows. :) Fun post!


  11. What a great series, Amber! I always love looking at Shelli's beautiful home! She did a great job. :)

  12. Great job, Shelli! Loved the two looks!