Saturday, May 21, 2011


I must be crazy to hve such a long list of wants....I am in no position to be lusting after such things as leather clutches and Missoni Haviana Espadrilles, but I have a way about me....When I want something, I will obsess until I posses. That might just be the Gurl in me, I don't think I am alone with this type of thinking.

These bad boys are what I am obsessing over today...let me repeat OBSESSING!

Dear Santa Duck...please purchase these for me as a waaaaay early christmas pressie...

and because it's the end of the world today so it only seems fair I go out in style....right?

Oh Yeah also if you don't mind, can you add these to your cart before checking out...?

Speaking of Haviana, Did you know you can design your own???
How cool is this?

I fugured mine would need some evil eyes.

1. cause I need to ward evil away from my feet
2. cause they are corny, I am corny, however my feet are not corny

P.S. when did my interior design blog become about fashion.....I need Ritain 


  1. Love them..and the philosophy to obsess tell you possess!! Have a beautiful weekend( provided the world doesn't end today!) visit my blog when you have a would be lovely if you would follow it too..xx meenal

  2. Love the Missoni flip flops...I want them!

  3. I haven't even seen these bad boys in our local Havianas store, but don't you worry, I'll be scoping them out muito pronto!
    I'll get back to ya with deets!