Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am a sucker for a collage wall....
I wish I had photographed it, but about 10 years ago I had an entire bathroom which I had plastered in images of flowers, cool chairs, and really skinny girls....I know, your all thinking WOW original... but seriously I think that if I had a picture of it now it would be super cool. Especially the fact that some of the images I had 10 years ago are still ingrained in my mind. For instance there was a chair made out of ropes that I can still remember and I still covet. Plus I had the ever popular image of Kate Moss with her boobies out and the cig in her mouth and boy did that make an impression.......JOKE.

I am getting the urge to collage something in my home, I am just not yet convinced what? 

Shall I do my guest bathroom, or maybe even my vanity area instead of pretty wallpaper? 

It's on the constant rotating list of "CRAP I WANNA DO TO MY HOUSE" 

On this rotating list also includes:

Planting this vegetable garden.

Hanging this hammock in my living room

Using this wallpaper somewhere maybe my master bedroom ceiling?

Painting the exterior of our house this color

Buying this couch and this love seat

and these chairs.......and this rug


  1. Love this. It's funny, my grandparents kitchen had their own version. On the wall where no wood like brown formica cabinets were hanging, they had a collage of peeled liquor, wine, etc. labels covering the entire wall. Funny thing, they aren't/weren't big drinkers.

  2. Some of these I love. Others remind me too much of a serial killer's home on one of those L&O/CSI/NCIS/etc shows. Like when they find the guy's apartment and discover that he's been stalking them for a year. Dun dun dun...

    But yeah, I think it CAN be done well. And I'm sure you will do it well.

  3. I did this for my boyfriend in college. His room was so dreary so I took all of his old fishing mags and collaged. I loved it, it was so cozy! I'm all for your vanity being collaged!

  4. Do your vanity! And I love the rotating list. And do they ever rotate... I feel a bit nuts because of it.

  5. I've been thinking about this for my laundry room. My grandparents had a shower curtain and matching wallpaper in their bahamas bungalow in the 70s that was all vintage newspaper clippings--faux collage. That whole house was totally influential on me!

  6. Haysus I want to marry that sofa and loveseat. That sounds like an expensive list, but selfishly I really want you to do it, because I know the result would be gorgeous!

  7. Amber I love the second image so fun! Some of the collage walls are just to busy for me though I adore an inspiration board chock full of images!
    Art by Karena

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    You will love it!

  8. Kind of like my bedroom circa 1986. Loved clicking through your rotating list, some fabulous choice on there!

  9. I love seeing other people's to do lists. Is that weird? And holy hell — that couch. Oh and Ballard has new really really similar chairs for probably 1/100 of the price.

  10. We had a polaroid wall in our last apt like the one above in apt therapy. My hubby specializes in polaroids so we always have a ton laying around!


  11. Why not an ixxi collage? You could do a hanging wall, I'm about to order one for my husband a collage of all our favourite travel images

  12. I love this...brings me back to middle school and high school when I had my bedroom walls filled with posters and pictures :-)

    Catherine's comment cracked me up...yeah some are creepy LOL

  13. I was a collage wall fanatic in college. Still love it. Please get those chairs right now!

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