Friday, May 6, 2011

Calling Cards?

Ever notice how with some designers you can always tell it's there work because they tend to put a personal "stamp" on each room? I have a thing for spotting these "stamps" out and I guess as a designer I am always trying to figure out my own calling card or "stamp"..... What makes a room I do look like a room that I did...thoughts?

For example: 

Nicky Kehoe: This particular design team loves their typography and symbols. Letters and words seem to be hidden in a lot of there rooms artwork. I think they do it well and I like the added touch it gives to the spaces they create.

Kelly Weartstler always has some humongous weird headless bust or a giant pile of golden horse poop in every room she does...I always associate her style with strange accoutrement's that are both annoying and awesome at the same time.

Peter Dunham: This fella LOVES his own designed fabrics and from the looks of things it seems that when you hire him to decorate your space, there is no doubt you better LOVE his fabrics as well cause they will be littered throughout your home...To me this is a great thing considering I am a big fat fan of all things Dunham.

Amanda Nisbet: She is so talented let me tell you. She can literally take any ol' crap and make it shine. Her calling card is pops of color. She will take one particular color and pop it throughout the room. Below I showed you her purple pops...she likes those.

Tell me if you have noticed other designers calling cards... I am intrigued. 

Do you think mine might be funky rugs? a bit of ethnic? hmmm


  1. Great post -- very interesting to look at rooms that way.

    for you, I'm thinking a touch of ethnic...and def a hit of nubby or textural item 'of nature' Does that make sense?

  2. Kinda obvious, but...Miles Redd - and lacquered walls or doors.

  3. Daryl Carter - something kind of off white and maybe a rustic farm implement.

  4. I have found this with some Architects you can just pick there work! Great images, thank you! Mimi xx

  5. Ha, I feel that Kelly Wearstler is amazingly talented, but I don't particularly like her style.

    You--I think of your style as what in my head is "california style"...bright and airy, ethnic rugs, lots of textures and natural touches. Its good stuff!

  6. I am so lame...I have not one designer to add because I have never looked for that! It is totally true can look at a design and go "yep, so and so, did that!". Love it!

  7. with you i'd say ethnic patterns. it's a part of what drew me here.. big time. LOVE IT. insightful post. i'll be thinking of my own calling card now too.

  8. yes. the ethnic patterns definitely. i think it's very representative of what you've shown on this blog so far at least! the kilim rugs. the suzani patterns. all fantastic!

  9. ok this is very random...have you any idea what the name is of the purple lollipop-like flowers in the pic with the giant gold head?