Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One room 2 Looks with: Hi Sugarplum!

What a fun "job" it is to be a blogger in this day and age. I get to meet amazing ladies through cyberspace everyday! I don't think I ever had so many "friends".  One lover in particular is Cassie, blogger extrordinare from the lovely Hi Sugarplum!. I know if we lived in the same zipcode or state for that matter we would be pals. Probably drinking pals that just blab about fabric but still, pals nonetheless. I am happy to have her showing us her "one room 2 ways" today. She is so smart she thought outside the box and chose her backyard room. What a smartypants!

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Hey guys! I'm Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! I think Amber, her blog and her skillz are amazeballs (stalker, much?), so I'm super excited she asked me to participate in her series! I think I'm cooler by default, if only for today.
When Amber asked me to show "One Room, Two Ways," I immediately thought of my current favorite 'room' in the house...our backyard! When the temperatures rise and the sun is shining, you'll find our family hanging out back.
Picnik collage
(Disclaimer: This shot is from last Summer, things haven't advanced this much yet.)
Most weekends we eat out on the porch. This is how it might look for a family-friendly afternoon cook-out.

Disposable plates and napkins, fun straws and a mix of backyard treasures for the centerpiece.
day picnic
But when the sun sets and the kids are stashed tucked in bed, it's liquor Mommy/Daddy Time!

outdoor night party
Twinkle lights and lots of candles set a relaxed and romantic mood. Common elements rounded up from our indoor decor make for a great centerpiece, and help keep things in place if the wind kicks up.
Picnik collage
I like to use real flatware and linens so the evening is a bit more polished, but still mix in melamine dishes and stemware so no one has to be too careful.
Picnik collage
I don't know which way I like better, but I know this room will get lots of use in the coming months! Amber, the table is all set for you and the Duck....fly South baby!

Thanks Cassie! Love the birdcage filled with plants and the great seagrass placemats! Thanks for all your images and deets. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Member this on memorial day?

Do you remember this? It's was from a W magazine spread back in 05' of Kate Hudson's Pacific Palisades home. It's one of those articles that has inspired me for years. I still refer back to this room all the time. Its got lots of white but with some added ethnic flair and it's moody all the same..I LOVE IT!!! 
It might help that it was decorated by some of my all time favorite designers Roman and Williams.
you dig?

It's like living in a giant cotton ball....dreamy.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What would you wear if you were rich?

Seriously, if I was really rich, I would own all of these things and then buy you all this Kaftan just cause.

It's raining money Bitches!


Happy Three Day Memorial Times!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Outfit turned room: Black Pink and Go

It's probably the most classic and played out color combo out there but I don't give a rat's! I am forever drawn to it and I haven't met a stripey top I didn't buy or a white door I didn't want to paint black. Even in my day to day, my must have wardrobe staple is something Black or white..it's my go to garb!



Where to buy the outfit:

Here are some more black white and pink rooms just for eye candy

images via my PINTREST

Thursday, May 26, 2011

if you need me I will be up in my Tree House

I got nothin but a bad back, A REAL BAD BACK and some tree houses.

Word, to the next episode.....

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big Ole' cookies and Bean Blankies

Maybe you have all seen it, maybe you are all sick of it. I am NOT, so..for my own amusement I give thee Tom Haverford. BTW he is funny yes, but Ron Swanson takes the cake every time.
Get into it.

Zoldan Art

I Am a Big Ol Fan of Tia Zoldan and her fab designering skillz. I knew she occasionally wrote a blog so I peeked to see what she was up to and low and behold I found out this woman is a fantastic artist to BOOT! Take a look at her website here, here and her blog here

Here are my favorites from her art collection:

And here are my faves from her Interior Design Portfolio. She has quite the talent, don't ya think?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am a sucker for a collage wall....
I wish I had photographed it, but about 10 years ago I had an entire bathroom which I had plastered in images of flowers, cool chairs, and really skinny girls....I know, your all thinking WOW original... but seriously I think that if I had a picture of it now it would be super cool. Especially the fact that some of the images I had 10 years ago are still ingrained in my mind. For instance there was a chair made out of ropes that I can still remember and I still covet. Plus I had the ever popular image of Kate Moss with her boobies out and the cig in her mouth and boy did that make an impression.......JOKE.

I am getting the urge to collage something in my home, I am just not yet convinced what? 

Shall I do my guest bathroom, or maybe even my vanity area instead of pretty wallpaper? 

It's on the constant rotating list of "CRAP I WANNA DO TO MY HOUSE" 

On this rotating list also includes:

Planting this vegetable garden.

Hanging this hammock in my living room

Using this wallpaper somewhere maybe my master bedroom ceiling?

Painting the exterior of our house this color

Buying this couch and this love seat

and these chairs.......and this rug