Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thanks for the mentions.....I had no Idea!

So I was just taking a look at my "stats on blogger" and I guess Apartment Therapy posted my Dining Room!!!!I wish I had known before today... oh well now I do! Anyways thanks for the mention folks...

Also my buddy Christine from the amazing blog Bijou and Boheme informed me that I was spotted over on A Diary Of Lovely as well...

Also dream is that one day my blog will have a "thanks for the mention" section in my side bar. ONE DAY!!!


  1. How exciting! I'm glad they did because you did a fantastic job with the space.

  2. oh wow Apartment Therapy! So well deserved, congratulations, you have done an amazing work

  3. Hi Amber-- I am madly madly MADLY in love with your dining area and want to be basically copy the whole thing. I hope the idea of a 20 something girl living in Washington DC, having an identical dining room as you, doesn't weird you out. haha I am not copying the cloud art because I have another really cool large photograph that I blew up, to use. BUTTT I am dying to know three major things: (1) where you got that RUG. I saw you did a post on your 5 rugs that you own later, and you said it was 200 dollars, but I was wondering where you got it....? The pink and orange and turquoise and the pattern are PERFECT. Also...I am pretty sure that the sheepskin rugs on the eames chairs are I right? But where did you get the eames chairs? (That was question 2). I work for CB2 so I am in the process of getting the Darjeeling dining table, which actually looks quite a lot like the one you have in the picture. And lastly (3).....what about the throw pillows? I know you said you often get fabric from scarves on ebay and such, but I particularly love the blue ikat-looking ones...I would appreciate it so much!!!! More than anything, I want to own that rug. Like I would do anything. It is my dream rug. We have a nearly identical happy to have found your blog! Thanks so much!


  4. Ah thanks the mention sweetie and ps, you can have a thanks for the mention have so enuogh mentions already to do that!! xo

  5. Congrats! I know you feel good :) Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

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