Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pool House

Happy Monday!!! Another busy week over at AID.  I am still, nose to the grindstone over at the Palisades project.  This week I am aiming to start bringing in and staging furniture and accessories. We are also going to start talk about the "outdoor room" and the wedding that is also on the AID books. 

I have so many ideas swirling through my head it's hard to gather my thoughts, but I will leave all of those for a future post.

I stumbled upon this amazing designers Pool House Project. Isn't this the perfect mix of eclectic and clean and rustic all rolled into one cape cod clad exterior? 

You must check out The Desk Of Lola for all of there other bomb projects. They are quickly moving up my "fave" ladder!



  1. Aww it's so pretty. It's sad that some people's pool houses look nicer than my real house!

  2. do you have any idea where those ottomans are from?

  3. Lu-uv! Especially the black and white stripes!

  4. ha! Brandi took the words right out of my mouth :))))))

  5. Pool house = luxury. That is pretty much as far as my math skills go, but I can tell you that these are fantastic! Don't I wish that they were mine, all mine! (c:

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