Friday, April 1, 2011

One Room 2 Looks with: Classic Casual Home

"Sophisticated comfort" is a great way to describe the design style of my next guest blogger for "1 room 2 looks". Mary is as talented as she is nice and that is an understatement! Her classic approach to design is a nice break from the all the current fad trends happening in the world of design! Her blog is a daily read of mine and up in my top faves! If you have not visited Classic Casual Home then get your bloggin butts on over and fall in love, I know I have!

 When Amber from Amber Interiors asked me for a post about decorating one room two ways I thought "That's easy since I am always moving things around."   I have pillows covers stored in a closet that make reappearances.  Sometimes, something as simple as a little accessory like beach glass from Pottery Barn can motivate me to start playing with room.   I think many of you feel the same way.

Here is a our living room/family room in our renovated 1950's cottage in Newport Beach, Ca.

"Dressed for Winter"
 The Ikat pillow is by Madeline Weinrib and the black paisley pillow was custom made from a cotton/wool blend (made in India) from Kravet.  I bought the hand embroidered suzani cloth (made in Uzbekistan) on Ebay a couple years ago.  It gets moved around from room to room.  It was last used as a table runner.
 I like to accessorize with real fruit.  The elegant 
Orrefor's crystal bowl from my mom counterbalances 
the rough cement planter and succulent plant.

"Dressed for Spring"
This is one of four 100% linen pillows (we have two matching sofas in the room).  The fabric is by Blithfield and is made is England.  The colorful cotton quilt was purchased by my friend's daughter on a trip in Polynesia.

 Here is the beach glass from Pottery Barn that I mentioned and 
some fresh flowers from the grocery store.

Thanks, Amber, for letting me stop by and "play."

Mary Ann

Mary you are a treasure! Thanks for playin'.



  1. Beautiful room! Changing things out really brings new life into a space. Hopped over here from Classic Casual Home and am your newest follower!

  2. Amber, thanks for your sweet words. You have a great eye for design and such a charming, genuine personality. I really look forward to your posts!

  3. She will for sure be a daily read of mine as well. Both looks are fabulous! Thanks for sharing Amber!

  4. Wow, such a difference. Love them both but you have the season down pat! Great looks, Mary Ann!

  5. Love the blog and happy to discover it! Already know Classic casual home and enojy it very both as they each have such a different are a seasoned pro for sure, and its such fun to reinvent spaces just moving things around..isn't it!
    Stop by..doing an amazing giveawy ends Sunday!

  6. Thanks for sharing Amber, I love classic, casual, home, it is one of my daily reads.

  7. Really pretty! I love this fresh and clean look to her decor. I will have to check her out!

  8. I love what accessories can do for a space! This is such a fresh and lovely change from one season to the next!

  9. I love both! I am dying for one of those Madeline Weinrib pillows!! I always love how you mix things together. So effortlessly chic ;)
    Have a great weekend

  10. Lovely post.
    I love reading your blog, you've got great design insight. Thanks!
    Just a Silhouette

  11. I love both looks...they neither scream winter or spring but playfully put you in the season....good job!

  12. LOVE that lamp! Everything is so pretty ~ very interesting looks.

  13. wow.. never thought just changing some things, the feelings would be different too.. love it. ^^

  14. Love how just mixing up the accessories totally changes the feel appropriately!!

  15. Both looks are great, and I love how much a few changes can transform a space. She has a beautiful collection of fabrics, and I love the idea of draping fabric on the back of the couch and sometimes using it as a table runner! Great idea! :)

  16. Looks gorgeous, Mary! It never ceases to amaze/entertain me how a couple of accessories can transform a room! That is why this series is so genius! Love it and I am now your 301st follower...darn it, I missed the 300 mark! (c:

  17. love the changes and the idea of changing for the season. so lovely.

  18. Great series! Makes me feel normal for changing things around so often in my house :)

  19. I loved the look with the suzani combined with the pillows and the tablescape to go along with it. So original and classy! Very nice.