Thursday, April 21, 2011

A little progress report!

I am busy working away on my awesome clients new home located in the lovely Pacific Palisades, here in Not So Sunny California. My clients are totally cool and are trusting me to just dive into the project and do my designer-ing thang with their pad. I couldn't be happier! 

Here are the original vibe boards and some sneaks peeks of whats happening here at AID

This project has been done in pieces so far. There has not been the opportunity to do one grand "Reveal" but it's working out marvelously nonetheless. The clients love seeing any progress that is made, but we are still far from being finished. Here is whats left on my TO DO list......

fireplace tile.....



a little bit of this.....

and a little bit of that...

pillows, furniture, pots, trees, farm animals.....

and an IV of this....



  1. The mantis floor lamp is making me drool.

    I heart coffee.

  2. What Bri said- I want that lamp!!! All looking grande lovely.

  3. I am loving your plan for this home...earthy...but edgy.

  4. Seriously, why do you have to live on the West Coast? I think I'd enjoy work a whole lot more if you went shopping with me. New England just ain't as cool or warm so I understand.
    I saw that blanket on your Twit and instantly loved. Can't wait to see the whole thang, but keep teasing us in the meantime.
    I'm with Bri... Mmmmm, coffee, my drug of choice.

  5. Love this look! Some vintage...some modern!

  6. my house is next? okay great thanks! ;) this is AMAZING.

  7. I like how your designs always have a good combo of slick and much texture and warmth thrown in. Very of-the-moment...but not the same ole same ole that we see er'where.

    And when are you going to give me the deets on that tree? You used it in the recording studio too! (if you're leaving answers to my 1000 questions in your comment section, I don't go back to check. sorry. Do you have your comments set up to be emailed to you? that way you can respond via email? just askin)

  8. Love it all. The tapestry ottoman is GORGEOUS!

  9. Gorgeous! I love the fabrics and relaxed, chic style! Very well done. Happy Weekend. :)

  10. Hi there! Stopping by from Danielle Oakey's blog... and HOLY COW I'm glad I did! I looove your style! Seriously amazing. The texture and colors in your fabric choices... wow. Can't wait to check more of your work out! xo

  11. These are all great ideas! Love the pillows and I'm in desperate need of a coffee right now (maybe that why I'm reading your blog instead of working, whoops)!

  12. woah, what a fun project to be working on- love all those textures and fabrics!

  13. Doing some back reading and Dayum these are some lucky clients!! Have you finished yet? Loving ALL of the touches.

    I'm like you, all my jobs so far have been a little piece by piece instead of the big reveal. I think it makes for a more natural interior. Though there is no YIPEEEE Hgtv moment at the end.