Thursday, April 7, 2011


We are still rocking and rolling on this recording studio......Here is another little sneak peek of whats happening.

In other news: The duck talks funny...He's is Welsh which gives him the right to say things like "her-b" and "alooo-min-eum". This week we planted some Her-B's in our kitchen. These are actually planters from Ikea.. Little box o herb's and I LOVE how it makes our kitchen smell.

Here is what we planted 
Mint and Sweet mint {i guess there is a difference}
Rosemary and I think something else I just don't remember....obvs

I feel like Ol' Martha Stew with my homemaking skills. I really wanted to document the process on you tube or something. And then I realized that most people in the world know how to plant shit so I would be making an ass out of myself. Anywhoo... Here ya go..



  1. I don't know how to plant things! I would have totally watched it.

    My husband is Welsh too! I love his accent - all-oo-min--ee-um is one of my faves. :)

    If you want to impress yours, make him proper Welsh Rarebit - so easy and delicious. It, along with tons of other great recipes, are listed on my blog under the tab What We Eat, at the top!

    (Not sure I've commented yet - found you recently through Jenny, I think!)

  2. Yeah, my planting skills are non-existent so I would have loved a fun video!

    Love all the color, texture, and pattern going into the studio. I can't wait to see it!

  3. such a good idea to put the herbs on your island. There's a restaurant I frequent that has potted herbs on the tables and I love it!

  4. Love all the red pieces! So fun!

    And your little herb boxes are so cute!

  5. love all the recording studio pics so far! look forward to seeing it! good luck with the her-Bs.

  6. looks like a lot of fun with great colors can not wait to see finished product.

  7. I love the idea of putting the herbs in the kitchen- I have a total snotty green thumb, meaning I kill it all but I think I could maybe handle herbs- plus I want to dose everything I own in cilantro so might just give this a go- plus they look reeeallly pretty on your lovely island.

  8. That red and white fabric is beautiful. Looks as if the studio is going to be an energetic space :)

  9. Love those planters. And, I am loving your kitchen as well!

  10. This must be a welsch and Australian thing because my partner says hhheeer-b and aloomin-ii-um as well!! ask them to say jaguar too: M says jag-U-er.. So funny!

  11. Hellllllooooo! I love your blog and I especially LOVE your countertops. What is that lovely hard surface, if you donn't mind telling me? Keep the pics coming. lOVE IT.

  12. Hi! I just found your blog and love your herb boxes. Will be back for sure to see how the project you are working on turns out.

  13. ha! I totes planted some herbs in little tins today and was feeling so Martha Stewart, pretending I was at my 'potting table', using my organic soil. I'll probably forget and dump pine sol in them next week, but they smell nice now!

  14. I remember the entire conversation we had once about "h" in English, which is SUPPOSED TO BE SILENT.

    I guess he'll never learn...

  15. Me likey! I may need to swing by Ikea and see what planting diaster I can whip up. Fortunately since the pieces are wood, I won't feel so bad making them into little plant coffins when I kill the herbs :)