Saturday, April 30, 2011

ANOHKI GiveAway!

It's no secret I obsess over Indian block print fabric. When I found Anokhi's company I flipped out and instantly sent them an email asking if I could do a giveaway with their products. A week later I received a package filled with so much beauty I had to pinch myself!!!! 

I am so happy to do a giveaway for this completely gorgeous tablecloth and scarf!

The table cloth measures 55" x 55" square.

The scarf is 30" x 30"

You could make a pretty pillow from this scarf....or just wear it on your neck!

OK, SO if you wanna win leave me a comment. Follow me here, Tweet Me @amberinteriors or post on my Facebook. You know the drill. 

Good Luck Lovers!!!!
giveaway ends on May 3rd.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Savage Salvage

Upon searching for the perfect Mother Days gift for myself I stumbled upon Savage Salvage. I love how funky her pieces are. They are all unexpected and gorgeous and paired with a summery dress, a white T-shirt, or a pair of jeans, they are great everyday outfit additions! 

OK so Steph {Savage Salvage} is letting you Pretty AID Readers get 20% off her fantastic jewels and baubles!!!!!
Just enter the discount code 
AMBER20 and your discount will be applied!

Here are some of my favorites from her collection.

Also Please go check out a little feature on my house over at 6th St Design School.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marbles Lost

I am so busy its B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

I have lots to say but no time to say it so I will post some Marbelized Walls

Ugly??......YES or NO?
Anatomy??? I am just sayin


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sparkly Leafy Greens

I am Guest Sparkling over at THINGS THAT SPARKLE!!!! You must go peep because Alex has an AMAZING blog filled to the brim with fabulous sparkly things! 

In other News,
I am obsessed...heavily obsessed with palm or leafy patterned fabrics and wallpapers. There is something so radical about feeling like your in some regency styled jungle world that only movie stars or "the fabulous" have the privilege of experiencing. 
I have been dying to do a powder room or my vanity nook area in any one of these patterns since as long as I can remember and everyday I get closer and closer to pulling the trigger. 

None of these options are cheap so maybe I will have to settle with a pillow for now? 
Thoughts on which pattern? 

I clearly have jungle fever.

Source Unknown


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am currently hunting the World Wide Webernet everyday lately to find me a real Granny style, crochet, tassely coverlet to go in my bedroom. How pretty are these babies!!! If any of you lovers know where I can score me one...or even the proper term to narrow my search results down, I would greatly appreciate it. So Far the best I could find have all been on EBay and it's slim pickins' out there...slim, slim pickins'

HEY WAIT...I am also over HERE today given some designer tips of the trade.. Go peep it!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pool House

Happy Monday!!! Another busy week over at AID.  I am still, nose to the grindstone over at the Palisades project.  This week I am aiming to start bringing in and staging furniture and accessories. We are also going to start talk about the "outdoor room" and the wedding that is also on the AID books. 

I have so many ideas swirling through my head it's hard to gather my thoughts, but I will leave all of those for a future post.

I stumbled upon this amazing designers Pool House Project. Isn't this the perfect mix of eclectic and clean and rustic all rolled into one cape cod clad exterior? 

You must check out The Desk Of Lola for all of there other bomb projects. They are quickly moving up my "fave" ladder!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beach Barn!

So my Mommy is moving into a new house! It's this adorable little beach barn with an ocean view and a HUGE rosemary bush in the yard. I was there yesterday helping her decorate. I love the hippie and earthy energy her new little house gives off. It is very much like my moms personality in every way..

Here are some uncompleted progress shots.. If I was a hot single lady I would totally want to live there! Yes all of you eligible bachelors reading this blog HOT Mom is single and ready to mingle!