Monday, March 28, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award.

I got nominated my friends, by not 1 amazing blogger but 2 amazing bloggers for this "stylish blogger award" bizness.

Danika...the seriously talented and annoyingly perfect blogger from Gorgeous Shiny Things as well as Emily from Recently {whom I just discovered today and is a blog rockstar}  I guess deemed me worthy of the award. I feel propelled to take my moment.....cry a little, and give you a speech.. Just kidding. I am supposed to tell you readers 7 things that you didn't know about me....Who's ready for a nap cause my life can at times be snooze worthy!

1: I was born in Hawaii.....Mook Ka Laka Heke Come on you wanna Lay me..yes my friends I was born on the island of Kauai because my Hippie parents graduated from High School and went to live on a beach instead of do the whole "welcome to the real world" way of life. Lots of my family still live there and I like to visit as much as possible!

2: I hate certain words.....words that I cannot even type, and if we were having a conversation and you used them I would get up and leave the room....
I will give you some hints-
First word rhymes with wussy..starts with a "p".........say it and I will vomit on you. This also includes words that have this word within them.... Gwynnie will most likely get kicked out of kindergarten one day when they ask her what creature lives in the ocean and has 8 tentacles...and she replies "Octobuddy"

The second word rhymes with hoist....starts with an "M"...used to describe a cake or something damp....again I will vomit if I so much as hear this word.

Thirdly, this word rhymes with pasty, starts with a "t" and is also probably used to describe a caked or other baked goods..Triple Ew!

3: The Duck is kinda a big deal...HaHa!  He is technically famous most places in the world except the US and is literally a British world travelling rockstar.The tweens love him. Throughout his 11 year career I have seen him take on swarms of screeching kids crying for an autograph and a picture with him. I have also had the fortune of watching him play to crowds of 50,000 plus people whilst pyrotechnics and laser beams go off all around...I means it's really weird right! Hence why the Duck remains the nameless "Duck"... BTW Just typing this instantly makes me feel like an asshole...oh well, I guess it's something you didn't know about me!

{that's the duck with his guitar}

4: I have a really, really good memory for pictures but I will forget your name and what I did 10 minutes ago..

5: I like to draw:

6. I love movies but I HATE movie theatres. Just seeing one makes my palms sweat. Hence why I let the Duck have a super TV surround sound bollocks in our house, just so that I stopped feeling bad for never going to the movies.....ever!

7. I have a major secret crush on "Russell" The troll from survivor: And Crispin Glover who plays "Willard" the sketchy rat collector dude from the movie Willard.

have you all fallen asleep yet? Thanks Ladies for the nomination. At least it gave me something  to post about today. I was stumped between front door colors and bedroom inspirations. I will leave those for tomorrow!



  1. I needed that. You are hilarious.

  2. This totally made me laugh! And you have a famous husband?? That is so cool!

  3. Love these facts! And I might be the only other person in the world who HATES movie theatres. Won't step foot in one. Miserable miserable place

  4. My husband can only get me to the movies maybe a few times a year. They are too much money for nothing and movies are soooo long these days! I'm really curious to know who your husband is now!

  5. Great post! Congratulations on the award! I loved learning these hysterical things about you!

  6. Hi Amber, congrats on the award! This is my first visit to your blog and I love! It's funny and interesting and full of gorgeous pics! I laughed my head off at the words you can't stand - I have some of those too! Rhymes with 'hush' but starts with 'l'? Ew! Anyway love you to visit my little blog sometime too. x Naomi

  7. Ha! This was too good- I love that you were born in Hawaii and I have a very similar love/hate relationship with words- for example...adore panache and comupance- loathe 'c' rhymes with punt and your first too..oh and panties- HATE that one. hehe. How fabulous that Duck is famous? I could go on and one- loved this!!!

  8. don't understand I hate that particular P word rhymes with shanties so much I couldnt even write it... It's the worst word on the planet. I like the c word better...oh yeah and I hate the c word.

  9. Amber,
    love your list, hilarious! And love getting a little scoop on the Duck! Is he like a present day Davy Jones?

  10. As being one of the "screeching kids" I know who your hubby is muahaha! And I want you to decorate my house when I have one of my own :)

  11. hahahaha! That was perfect. You get the award for the best "Stylish Bloger Award" list.

  12. i just found your blog and am loving it! although you would probably vomit on me, i use your words many times as they kinda matter as a pastry maker. oh, and i met crispin glover once, he is totally weird, and very much piques my curiosities as well...

  13. You definitely have one of the more interesting 7 things I've ever read.

  14. I have a crush on Crispin, too! It all started in the mid-80s when he played George McFly in Back to the Future. I just discovered your blog today.... delightful!

  15. Ha! Ha! Ha! I just stumbled upon your blog and this post tickles me! I too have an aversion to the M word, but I ESPECIALLY can't stand "Starts with C, rhymes with Dreamy." I basically had to stop watching The Food Network, 'cause I think they're obliged to say it once per show! Glad to know there's another like me. =)

  16. Found your blog through your Style in 7 guest post over on Christine's blog. You've got a new follower!

    I love a lady who can make me laugh...and that wee girl of yours is adorable!


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