Sunday, March 27, 2011


Listen up... I have emailed like 10 different blog designers and NO-ONE has gotten back to me. I need help re-designing my blog. I have everything I want in my mind done already I just need help implicating it. If anyone is reading this that would be so kind as to either answer an email I may have sent you regarding the issue or if YOU are yourself a blog designer than PLEASE contact me. I am not asking for this service for free.......You will be Paid, with money, that's green and acceptable tender within the 50 united states!!!!

If your unfamiliar with this "money" I speak of
here is what it looks like.

Consider it your good deed for the day!



  1. Hi we had this same problem and we were saying is it us? But then we found Little Blue Deer and with in two weeks we were up and running with a new blog design that all four girls were happy with.We can not say enough great things about Shari!!!!!!She is amazing!

  2. I'm a newbie designer and can do headers and other graphics if you ever need stuff like that. Don't know how to do complete templates yet but if you ever need help with logos or graphics let me know! I promise I'll email ya back :)

  3. Hi! I do complete blog design makeovers and the money I raise pays for our medical expenses. My 6 year old son has a life-threatening disease, and my daughter and I have the same condition both in varying degrees. I would love it if you checked out my design site. I respond to all emails within 24 hours all the time--so you won't have that problem with me. : )

    Here is my address:

    It's called Masto Mama Designs (Masto is short for Mastocytosis--the disease we live with).

    I hope I'll get to hear from you soon!

    Carla (Masto Mama Designs)

  4. I had Shari from Little Blue Deer do mine and she is AMAZING!!! I would highly recommend her.

  5. Hey girl - did you talk to Erica at Small Shop Studio? She is amazing and does complete business design - from cards to blogs to websites...
    -e (

  6. You might like to contact Katrina Chambers at . She is an Australian girl and is doing some amazing blog makeovers. Have a look at her site

  7. I do! I would love to help you redesign your blog!! I have a fab eye for design and HTML skills to boot :)

  8. Shari from Little Blue deer is amazing.
    She helped me tons and I did not pay tons!

  9. Amber,

    I'm a professional Interior and Graphics Designer. Send me an email if you're still looking for help.

    Looks like you got some good people offering already!


  10. Hey! love the blog! I see that you have had lots of feedback already, but I am a graphic designer- and have worked with lots of design bloggers and interior designers. I did all the design work for Alt (Altitude Design Conference) and love working with people with a good eye!

    Shoot me an email

    or visit my website

    Good luck finding a designer!

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  12. Hi Amber

    I've recently started a blog design business, and I have been having such a great time with it. I would love to help you out with a new design. I actually just started offering full business services - etsy and cards, etc. If you are still looking, please stop by!


    Simply Klassic Designs