Monday, March 14, 2011

1 room 2 ways: La Maison Boheme!

Have you lovers seen Sarah's blog La Maison Boheme? Well, I certainly have and I am hooked. She has a ton of juicy images she is really nice and I am just glowing to have her show us her 1 room 2 ways!
It's a Stunner!!!!!!

Introducing the lovely and talented Sarah: La Maison Boheme


Hello, I'm Sarah from La Maison Boheme and I'm so excited to participate in Amber's 1 Room, 2 Looks series!  I am always switching things up in my home to suit my mood or to mirror the changing needs of my family.  Using accessories to alter the look of a room is the easiest and most inexpensive way to go.  (Two words I love - easy and inexpensive.)  This first look was created with black, white, silver and glass accessories.  The black and white throw pillows are from Ikea and the black and white vase is from Ross.  As you can tell, I shop at really high end places.

The second look showcases big pops of color with ethnic prints and textures.  The Moroccan lamp was on sale at Pier One Imports and the lamp was on sale at Urban Outfitters.  I made the throw pillows out of napkins and an old shirt.  The rug is re purposed Indian saris - a gift from my mom.

WOWZA! are you guys impressed or what? She has an incredible vision. Thanks so much Sarah for playin! 
Go check out La Maison Boheme.


  1. Both are so beautiful. The prints behind the couch are to die for! And I love the rug!

  2. oooh so fun - love the simplicity and sophisticated look of #1 but adore the pops of colour and "lived-in" feel of #2 --- it would be my choice! Great Monday post, thanks

  3. I love both, but if i HAD to choose, I would go for the second room because I adore color!


  4. Oh I love both but I think I have to go with the first- I love love the black and white cushions. Gorgeous!

  5. I love how she has achieved such a different feel to each look, yet all it took was just a few switchovers! Fabulous vision!

  6. Holy awesomeness! Go Mama Sarah!
    I can scarcely decide betwixt the two, so we'll have to switch out seasonally.
    Cheeres and best, Alcira

  7. Love this. Two such different looks both accomplished so perfectly.

  8. Both designs are gorgeous. I am drawn to the sophistication of #1 with the use of black, white and silver. Fantastic job.

  9. Awesome! I love Sarah! Of course number two is my favorite but how can you can go wrong with black and white?!

  10. Brilliant! Impossible to choose a favorite! This series is bringing out my style ADD!:)

  11. awesome.

    i had the pleasure of meeting sarah and her brood yesterday!! she is warm and funny and kind and overall just rill good people.
    her whole family were rockstars.