Monday, February 21, 2011

Table lamp turned Sconce

Don't try this at home unless you are totally comfortable with electrocution, sandpaper hands, and browsing Home Depot for hours searching for a "metal plate thingy that has holes in it"

Ok I'll just get to it. A couple of you lovers have emailed me about my lighting above my sink. I made it myself from a table lamp purchased for 45 bucks! 

Well here is what it looked like before.....

I took the base off to expose the wires...This particular task lamp had a huge bulky base so I went to Home Depot and bought a slimmer ceiling canopy plate. I then had to search for a sconce plate which was not an easy task....I ended up making one myself....Not photographed

 I ran the wires through and then screwed the plate on with a washer.

Basically a bunch of tinkering and messing around with wires I created this...

I was so inspired by this idea that I was a repeat offender and did the same thing in my office.



* ignore the cork board...there is still no trim or cord cover on the light. Oh... and definitely ignore the wall color*


  1. You are a genius! Such a smart way to create a custom look! Where are the lamps from originally?

  2. That, my dear, is impressive!! Bookmarking this one now!

  3. oh my god this is SO IMPRESSIVE. I'm dying.

    Can you please make one for my powder room? I'm actually pretty serious lol. I may be emailing you.

  4. Wow, I was wondering myself how to do this. It had cross my mind and then I thought, ehhh, that would be too hard. But, you made it look soooo easy. Well done.

  5. Great idea, I love the look. You make it look so simple. Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. What a great idea. I love the one against the marble. Beautiful.

  7. Genius!!!! Looks amazing with your splash back too - they are some very pretty tile.

    Sarah x

  8. Love your blog! I have been dying to find an anatomy poster.... where in the heck did you find yours?

  9. Brilliant. I can't wait to do this! PS - I found you via Bijou and Boheme and absolutely love your style and chutzpah! Xo - Sarah

  10. WOW! I need to stop reading all these great DIY getting an inferiority a million years I could NEVER do this..jealous! Great job!

  11. Where are these lights from?

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