Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have not been able to post ALL day... It keeps saying server rejected when I try and upload images from my desktop. Does anyone out there have an answer for me....I feel naked without a new blog post for the day!!!!



    Try this site. If that doesn't work try this:
    Go to your dashboard, then go to settings, on the bottom select old editor and then save your savings. Go to posting and try to upload the pictures. Then save your post, go back to settings and select updated editor. Save your settings and this should do it.

    This happens to me off and on and that always works for me.

    Good luck!

  2. Yikes! That happened once when I filled my Picassa quota for pictures so I had to delete from Web Albums. Hopefully you will be broadcasting gorgousness soon!

  3. Thanks Sara, I tried that and it did work however when I switched it back the the new editor it was the same issue...Server Rejected. I had to upload using a new browser. Thanks for the tips though... Question, Do you always have to use the old editor or should it reset, cause mine did not.

  4. I only switch to old editor and when I am having problems loading images. I go back to the new editor after and then it seems to work fine in the new editor mode for a while. I have no idea why that happens.