Monday, February 7, 2011

Float like a butterfly sting like a sting ray?

I don't think that's the saying but I will go with it. So I was in Aaron brothers the other day scooping up frames because of their fantastic buy one get one for a penny sale, when I happened upon the decorative paper section. They had some awesome things including these butterflies, the human skeletal system, and some old maps of Paris and Italy. I bought them all! They were 5 bucks a sheet. Ironically I didn't buy the frames for these papers at Aaron brother because they didn't have any white ones in 22x28, so I  headed out to Ikea and grabbed old faithful Ribba frames . Total cost $25 for the art and the frame!!

Here was my inspiration:

Look at what 200 bucks will get ya!


  1. I was just thinking on my way home from an unsuccessful Michael's trip that I really really REALLY miss Aaron Brothers!!

  2. I just found your blog from Bryn's blogroll. Gorgeous! Please, are you going to give sources for your kitchen? I'd love to know what your cabinetry is, we're about to embark on a kitchen remodel in the SF Bay Area. I want simple shaker cabinets - yours look perfect! and did you paint them? Also, thanks for the great blog, I've spent an hour today going back through your posts!

  3. Hi Jenny! Congrats on your pending kitchen re-model.
    I am definitely going to do a full post on my kitchen with sources but we are waiting for it to be in perfect tip top completeness! I will however tell you that our cabinetry is CRYSTAL CABINETS. They are based out of Minnesota. We ordered the "Camden" style in "cotton white". They came pre-finished. I would recommend maybe calling the company to find a dealer in your area. Keep following cause ASAP I will post a whole bunch on my kitchen!

  4. I love butterflies! A friend has a great vintage collection that I'm always pestering her to sell me, maybe one day!