Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blogger Block

I woke up this morning with grand thoughts of a post to blow minds all over the blogosphere. Jumped up out of bed, kissed the duck and G , grabbed my computer and thought to myself..." OK world lets do this"
Sat down to type it all out and um.... nothin. "SERVER REJECTED"

Not only is my computer/ blogger sucking royally but I have blogger block. I can't think of much else but my numerous unfinished projects lurking throughout the house, or G who currently is having "episodes", or that the Duck is going back to the studio today which means sad lonely nights to watch real housewives of OC ALONE...(ok maybe that last one isn't so bad) Basically in a nut shell I am distracted.

Whats the best cure for distraction besides a triple Latte??..... Pretty pictures. They tell their own story without me having to do to much of the talkin.
So here is my half ass approach at blogging today.
David Hicks: that is all


  1. The best way for me to develop post ideas is through Pintrest. Its amazing. You just collect images you love and then when you go back and look at everything a post will just come to you. Its the ultimate inspiration board.

    And ps, your blog doesnt seem like its suffering from bloggers block at all! I love it!

  2. Amber, I did my Business Tax's today and as you can imagine I got pretty stressed out. After numerous calls to the city, panicking trying to find info, the baby crying constantly I needed to look at something nice and fun. Instead of going to my usual sights, I when to your blog because I knew I would find peace and serenity (well it makes me happy) in the photo's you post and the quirky remarks you make. Keep up the good work it makes me smile
    love ya :)

  3. Yay for pattern pick me up! It's been a stressful week for me as well. Waaaay too much going on!

  4. Ahhh so happy! I have been reading (Ha, More like picture reading) a David Hicks book from 1971 I found at the library. I'm posting some of the pics soon. His old shit is still so fresh! LOVE him.

  5. Love your honesty! I have a very new blog and I have already had this feeling! I just discovered your blog and I am having so much fun browsing through it :)