Monday, January 24, 2011

reader request.

So I guess my big blog flaw is that I don't give enough info when I post as to where my pretty pictures come from or how to score some of the goods I source. All I can say in my defense is...most of the time I just forget where everything has come from. My computer is a virtual library with tons of images and zero information regarding where I jacked them from.

 Note to self: remember to post where my pics are from and remember to give info as to where to score the sweet deals.

Here is one I can remember. Recently I turned the BFF onto Now I dunno if you guys know this but there is a lot of cool chairs on the site. In fact I am going to purchase them for myself, just as soon as I dig my way out of the giant debt hole I have recently jumped into.

Take a look....again all are from

kmart $170 bucks for the pair!!!

as desk chairs....or even dining chairs
$233 for the pair!

lonny mag

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