Monday, January 31, 2011

Is mercury in retrograde?

The duck or I have zero clue what the hell "Mercury in Retrograde" means but basically we have decided  that this must be the explanation for why we just had the weirdest weekend in the history of weird weekends. The planets must be out of line and the world must have stopped turning on it's axis to make it so that this last weekend the crappiest plumbers on the planet decided to screw with us.
 Let me first start by telling you to NEVER EVER hire a plumber without a direct recommendation from someone you know that have personally used the company before. I am not in the business of saying bad things about trades people and most of the time I think it's in extremely poor taste....however this company FISHER PLUMBING IN SIMI VALLEY are the biggest A-hole, rip-off, imbeciles I have ever had the displeasure of working with. I can't even write about it without steam shooting out of my ears. I am not gonna get to wordy and long winded about this particular debacle but I will say this experience has taught me a valuable lesson. Bigger does not mean better and if some jerk with a fancy van  tells you on the phone that they are so well trained they could re plumb your entire home in only a few hours for a very low low price.. that is your cue to hang up the phone and never call them back! 
In order to forget about this terrible weekend that has left us another WEEK without a frikin stove, I have been drooling over various pretty interiors. Nothing has anything to do with what happened this weekend but at least it's pretty!

Check Em!

Friday, January 28, 2011

splatter paint....

Do you think G could whip something like this up for me... Ha!
I think If I handed G a paint brush and some acrylic paint she would just try and eat it instead of making me a masterpiece. 16 month olds....PFttt, Really cute but thus far proving to be lousy at making cool artwork that resembles a Jackson Pollock.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

nothing more than rooms with stripes..

Anyone who knows me can attest that myself, the duck and now sadly baby G own about 12 stripey shirts each. Its a sick obsession but one I can't shake. I love a good stripe. Be it a navy striped boat neck  or a white and tan striped cashmere jumper, or in the form of a duvet cover or roman blinds Stripes are the biznatch!

I sumbled upon some cool striped rooms.


It is so close I can smell it. Epoxy and thin set that is.... My whole house wreaks of it. To me it's the smell of success, to the Duck and G , it's headache and hallucination inducing.  I finally feel like I have accomplished something in this whole kitchen/home makeover madness.  We are so close.

Here is where we are at... Counter tops are in and half of the back splash is up...UP!!!!!

I will start with gratuitous product name dropping as soon as we have a finished product. We couldn't have done this without the help of soooo many people. Lovely people willing to take pity on a family desperate to get rid of the evergreen carpet and grape leaf wallpaper and cut us some sweet deals!

To be honest, I can't tell you how pleasant all of our trades folks have been. With the exception of one bad egg in the bunch, we have been soo happy with our crew it was eye opening to see that not all major constructions have to have problems. You can have a positive experience and people who will work and be fair cost wise! I will supply names and numbers soon.

Monday, January 24, 2011

reader request.

So I guess my big blog flaw is that I don't give enough info when I post as to where my pretty pictures come from or how to score some of the goods I source. All I can say in my defense is...most of the time I just forget where everything has come from. My computer is a virtual library with tons of images and zero information regarding where I jacked them from.

 Note to self: remember to post where my pics are from and remember to give info as to where to score the sweet deals.

Here is one I can remember. Recently I turned the BFF onto Now I dunno if you guys know this but there is a lot of cool chairs on the site. In fact I am going to purchase them for myself, just as soon as I dig my way out of the giant debt hole I have recently jumped into.

Take a look....again all are from

kmart $170 bucks for the pair!!!

as desk chairs....or even dining chairs
$233 for the pair!

lonny mag

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dream Weaver

I am so sure you (my 4 followers) are bored with these lame stories and boring progress shots, but something really funny happened this morning and your gonna hear about it cause I DON'T GIVE A CRAP! My house is finally starting to resemble that of "a house" and not a nuclear testing site which makes me so emotional I am dangerous to be around. I might grab you and make you let me cry on your shoulder. Or I might blog about my wacky dream/realities and bore you to death.  Let me explain.

This morning when I heard G stirring on the monitor I did what I have done every morning for the past month.

-got outta bed and looked for some shoes and a jacket so I could shuffle onto the back patio where our fridge has been living to get G her morning milk. The jacket was on so I could brave the cold and take a healthy heaping breath in of our living hell, and the shoes, because my journey into the construction wilderness would leave me covered in dirt and dust. The same drywall and construction dirt and dust that has settled on every single solitary surface within a three mile radius of my nuclear testing site house.
I got outta bed to take the dreaded journey out of our room so I could curse myself and my choice to re-model our perfectly tolerable outdated and ugly home.... And then I stopped dead in my tracks.....and BAM! hit me.

I rubbed my eyes and pinched my self... I stood at the patio door and stared at the empty spot where our fridge has been living and  Holy Shit, our fridge is not outside...It's gone...someone has stolen it. Someone has came in the night and backed thier truck up into my yard, loaded it up, and stolen my frickin fridge..

And then the loud screech of my teething toddler echoed in my ears and I realized that no one had stolen my fridge. My fridge was in the house.. In its correct spot in the wall nestled somewhere between my rough topped and almost finished kitchen island and my LAUDRY ROOM...All constructed and dust free..kinda. My fridge was there and my jacket and shoes were not needed because I had heating and floors. Beautiful, beautiful floors. And a warm and cozy.... kinda... HOUSE.

I happily filled G's cup full of milk and ran into our room...."Ducky..the fridge hasn't been stolen. It's in the wall inside the house and we have floors...Ducky there are floors out there"

His look made me realize that I have officially lost my damn mind and that this kinda brain damage is most likely irreversible but I don't  care.
I have a fridge thats inside my house!

Pictures to prove it!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wish boner Chair

"She will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine" ~ Waynes World

I want these chairs... I can't say much more about them other than that they come in some cool ass colors and I like them enough to tell you again "HEY I Want these!!!"


here are some reasonably priced options that a little can of spray paint would fix!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Who's part of the Cool Crowd

Hey!, How many of you are gonna be the ones to say...
"Oh, dude...I totally was one of the first people to follow her blog, I basically discovered her blog...I am so cool Blah blah blah"

Tell you what....Lets have a contest....who can tell the most people about my secretly undiscovered and cool blog?
For every 10 people you get to follow my blog you win a super secret mind blowing prize.
I am giving away a CAR freshener!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its the cool thing to do to follow my damn blog so do it... has linked me and look at how F-ing cool they are!
Speaking of cool, The LB Flea was all in all a pretty good day. Saw a lot of amazing things....took a lot of pictures of ugly stuff and bought everything I thought was cool. Plus I got to hang with the BFF which is always amaze-balls.

Here is what I loved!

Here is what I bought...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

cut a rug

Like a teenage boy puts pictures of a 1994 red bathing suit clad Pamela Anderson up on their walls, I have plastered my office wall with all sorts of cool ass rugs. I have a medley of crazy afghan, kilim, Turkish rugs and a couple of Madeline Weinrib beauties. All of which I can't afford.
I keep hoping I am gonna go on eBay and find a rug so amazing that it jumps off the page and smacks me in the teeth. So far, to my dismay, this has not happened yet.

I am going flea marketing this Sunday with my BFF and... I need nothing, but want everything. Actually I re-phrase, I NEED EVERYTHING and WANT EVERYTHING! 

I have promised my self and the Duck that I would for sure only focus on rugs.. {che-yaahh-right}
Here is some of my room porn on display. Some inspiration for my flea marketing tomorrow and maybe to keep me on track.....again{cheyaahhh rightt}

Oh and I am also going to focus on finding anything carmel and leather...Even if its old carmel colored leather jackets that I can piece meal together to make a sweet ass bed bench... I am plotting SOME NEW DIY!