Sunday, November 21, 2010

New E-decor Project

So My BFF was in the market for a new couch. Being the interior obsessed gal I am, I nearly fell on the floor convulsing thinking I might miss the opportunity to be involved with her purchase. Sadly she lives a 1,000,002 miles away from me. All the way in Newport Beach which is approximately 1 hour and 23 minutes away from me in a car, 6 hours and 55 minutes on a bike, and 22 hours and 11 minutes if I walked. When I have driven there in the past {pre-G} it was sooo not a big deal, however I now have a little monkey still on a 2 nap a day schedule that also happens to loathe car rides over 20 minutes long. What should be a quick trip down south, might as well be a cross country road trip. I decided that the only way I was not gonna cry because I couldn't help my BFF out, was to turn her couch purchase into a whole house e-decor make-over. That's right, I have forced my services onto my poor friend and she now has no choice but to read my emails and buy everything I suggest to her. Thankfully she is cooperative and lets me rant and rave about all things interior design. She also reads my blog and lets me make design boards for her. What are BFF's for if not to entertain the fantasies of there mental friends?? She might be my number one fan when it comes to my design style...or she might just be a really really good friend.

Anyways, here is what we have come up with so far.... It's still a work in progress so stay tuned for the updates!!!

P.S. She is letting me do her bedroom.......I LOVE HER!!


  1. I'm not just saying this because I love my friend, I'm telling the world this because they NEED to know. Amber is an undiscovered jewel. Her taste is impecable and she is such a pleasure to work with. I'm pretty particular and sometimes I'm certain that can be annoying but Amber takes that and runs with it. She zeros in on exactly my style and will send me a range of options from top of the line to "copy cat chic" so I have the freedom to make my own choices to save here or splurge there. Her passion and excitement for the tiniest things such as moroccan poofs and peacock chairs, make working with her so much fun. I know I sound like a cheerleader but I wouldn't lie. I don't have it in my bones. I feel so lucky that she is actually taking the time from her work, her baby and her crazy busy life, to help me with my home. Oh and by the way...the other day she called and said "GUESS WHAT!?!?!" with such enthusiasm I figured she must have furnished a 25 bedroom mansion in a day or found a rare chandelier that was carried by foot on someone's back from Uzbeckistan. Yeah, he must have walked on water to get it here. Nope. It was none of that. Turns out she found me the couch I loved for a great price. Yeah, that's Amber. Pretty stinkin amazing. My BFF.

  2. i love that couch. can you give me the details on it?