Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bar Carts

As a Momma I know nothing can drive you to drink more than a screaming toddler and a house that sometimes feels like a traveling circus. I also know that despite my desire for "adult-friednly" things, those days are over temporarily. One of the things I really wish I could have is a Bar Cart. Toddler's and Bart Carts don't typically go together. G would destroy it . Now as a Momma I know I shouldn't own one because they are overwhelmingly unpractical... But as a designer however, I really, really want one.

So Kirsten @ KM Inc. (My boss at my "Job-Job" who I lovingly refer to as "Kiki") also believes I should own a bar cart. It seems whenever we are out hunting for clients or reading our shelter mags she will scope out a Bar Cart that she tells me I "MUST OWN".

I thought I would share with you some beauties I dream of and also what Kiki sent to my inbox this morning.

Kiki's Choice


  1. Bar Carts are the bomb! And...I love that your blogging!!!
    I say, Blizzard white ceasar stone - the entire island!!
    hugs -

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