Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grey Master VibeBoard

Here is the KM Inc. vibe board for our "Gray Master Bedroom" .....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why is Gray spelled Gray and Grey?

I ask for two reasons...

1. Cause Kiki thought it would be a great blog topic (she was right)

2. Cause I am often spellchecking my outgoing emails and I get told "Gray" is "Grey" by my iPhone way to much... really chaps my hide.

To solve this conundrum I Googled...and basically my answer was this

" Grey and gray are both acceptable spellings of the word. "gray" is the American adaptation of "grey", kinda like "color" is the American adaptation of "colour".... Wow BORING but INFORMATIVE

Speaking of gray, over at KM Inc. We are doing a gray master bedroom which is gonna be amazing!
I'll post some photos of the "after" once we get there!

we gave our client two options: a "his" and "her" both with a gray color scheme




I think we were the most excited about the fact they are keeping the Wallpaper and the pendants we chose for them....

look how gorgeous-

I will keep you posted on the progress!

*In other news I am painting MY Master Bedroom 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bar Carts

As a Momma I know nothing can drive you to drink more than a screaming toddler and a house that sometimes feels like a traveling circus. I also know that despite my desire for "adult-friednly" things, those days are over temporarily. One of the things I really wish I could have is a Bar Cart. Toddler's and Bart Carts don't typically go together. G would destroy it . Now as a Momma I know I shouldn't own one because they are overwhelmingly unpractical... But as a designer however, I really, really want one.

So Kirsten @ KM Inc. (My boss at my "Job-Job" who I lovingly refer to as "Kiki") also believes I should own a bar cart. It seems whenever we are out hunting for clients or reading our shelter mags she will scope out a Bar Cart that she tells me I "MUST OWN".

I thought I would share with you some beauties I dream of and also what Kiki sent to my inbox this morning.

Kiki's Choice

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kitchen Vibe

Today I have been getting all up in our Kitchens Business and creating vibe boards.....

The only thing I know for certain is that I want shaker style white cabinets and a parsons style Caesarstone island.... Color TBD

My lovely little buddy, Olivia over at Caesarstone has just sent me the dream sample package filled with everything under the Caesarstone sun. I am baffled by all my choices. The colors are gorgeous and I honestly don't know what the heck I am gonna pick. I know for certain that this household needs bomb-proof durability. Ducky is not the most agile of chef's, G is a messy monkey and let's just ignore how destructive I can become when given utensils and kitchen appliances!  Disaster proof and stainless counters are a MUST. 

Here is a little vibe board, 

 I am thinking......Rustic Modern Glam

I need to make up my mind.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Third time is a charm.

Here is the scoop as to why I have sucked thus far as a blogger. So in my day to day life as a Momma, wife and interior designer I typically wouldn't label myself as a procrastinator, but as of late my time is spread pretty thin. I like Most new Mommas have a crazy full time job, with my full of life 13 month old baby girl we will call "G".  You see, I have been married for 4 years to my amazing Ducky (A.K.A my Husband). He plays guitar for a band and also owns Dead Heroes Clothing. He is typically away for weeks on end rocking the world with his music which sadly to say, leaves me solo with "G" more weeks than I care to think about. As any new Momma will tell you time to do much of anything is sparce.  I also work... like have a Job-Job! Currently I am a Senior Designer for KM Inc ( a design firm in Malibu CA) and I also have my own firm Amber Interiors which I run from home. As if all that wasn't enough to fill any ones plate, The Duck and I just bought a HOUSE. Not to make excuses or anything but for some reason blogging has fallen pretty far down on my to do list. I allow myself the title of "procrastinator" only when it comes to blogging. I woke up a couple mornings ago and said "That's it I am gonna blog like no-one has ever blogged before" and here we are. 

Like I mentioned before, I have my own Co. but have been so busy it has kinda faded into the background. Our new HOUSE is in need of some updating to say the least and here is my perfect opportunity to show off my skills and post some before and afters as they start to take shape.

Mission: get Amber Interiors up and rolling again.

Lets get down to Business. I will start off with some images of our house now. Ladies and Gents welcome to the 70's

First order of Business is knocking out a huge 17' supporting wall which separates the living room from the kitchen and making the whole space one large open plan living/dining/ kitchen area..*sigh*. Seriously lets face it, it's an Interior Designers dream come true!

We are adding a big Ole' center island which I will dedicate an entire post to in the future.

We are adding a banquet seating area to create a Dining room. Again an entire post will be coming.

New appliances, lighting, and a new wall/bookshelf to house the fridge...and the adjoining laundry room will also be getting a face lift.

We need new windows and floors and we may possibly knock out the old fireplace rocks and create something new possibly to house a flat screen. (Although these 70's rocks are starting to grow on me)

Without further ado... the HOUSE

(Que Diana Ross "I'm Coming Out")

*all pics were taken before we moved in. The adorable lady built the house with her late husband in 1964 and she never left until september 2010.*