Thursday, December 30, 2010

So close yet so far.

Wow... A bit of before and current.

Before: Family Room & Kitchen

Before: Living Room 

After: One Big Kitchen Family Dining area...Stay Tuned

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Deep Breaths and Happy Places....

So this whole living through a re-model thing is no joke. I am certainly no stranger to it because since I can remember, every childhood home I have ever lived in has been is various stages of construction. My Dad is a builder and has basically bought homes and demolished them for a living the majority of his life and mine.  My earliest memories as a kid involve watching walls come down and go up and hearing saws and nail guns blasting away.  Maybe this is why I became a designer? It's in the genes. Anyways fast forward a decade or 2 and the constant noise of construction has now infiltrated baby G's life. Wonder if she will grow up being drawn to live in a constant state of sawing and smashing? Haha. Our house is Loud and chaotic and I am LOVING every second of it...seriously. I may moan about the living quarters and the fact that the heat was off last night and we were a bit cold (thermostat read 56), and I wine about the fact that we had no hot water, but I have to be honest in saying...its my favorite kind of pain in the arse! The kind that in the end will result in one AMAZING KITCHEN and all my dream home ideas will come to fruition. .... Some more progress shots.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Let the Battle Commence!!

Construction has officially started on our new kitchen dining family room today!. I am both extremely excited and totally anxious. I will be posting TONS of photos of the process. My christmas this year was one of the best I have had in literally 25 years. The Duck surprised me with a snazzy new Cannon g12 and a NEW MACBOOK PRO. That last one deserved all caps, because I have been working away on my trusty old macbook for almost 6 years and it was starting to show its age. Anywhooo here is some progress photos and how we are currently living out of our office and bedroom...  Stay tuned.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Next Years X-mas tree...

So This year we bought a tree from Home Depot... Let me tell you I thought I had found the score of a lifetime. It was 35 bucks for a 7' noble fir. Jump till about a week ago and my thrill of the deal started to fade, along with the life of my 35 dollar tree. I won't light my stove in fear that the heat from it may ignite my tree into a fiery ball from hell. Not only is it a complete disaster waiting to happen it also STINKS! Next year its fancy tree lot all the way. There is something to be said for a pricey tree. Its an expense worth spending. It's insurance that by Christmas eve if you light a match your entire house wont internally combust. While searching google for Christmas tree safety I spotted these legendary Christmas no-no's.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Maybe 2 is better than one?

Lately I have been faced with the pressing"when are you gonna have another little nipper' question. Like "politics, religion and breastfeeding" this is a touchy subject. I am of the mind that I may be happy with one baby. Among some crowds, the minute these words leak from my mouth I get a look like I just confessed to BBQing cats. Although the idea of G having a bro or sis to play with sounds nice, I tend to think that her parents are SOOOO cool she will never miss a thing!! Whats so bad about only children anyways?  However, lately I find myself looking at rooms for 2 kidlings. Symmetry is sort of my thing and so typically I would follow suit and have a family of 2 parents, 2 children, 2 pets, and a room with 2 kids beds.......These images alone are fixing to change my mind. Maybe 2 is better than one?

Elizabeth Dinkel


Saturday, December 18, 2010


Quick post before I sink into my couch and watch some crappy television. Take a gander at these babies. I would happily get one of these under the tree... If only the Duck could get one for like 12 bucks I would be in luck! They are from the wacky furniture house CASAMANIA....normally not a fan but these tables..BELLA BELLA

BTW have you seen these? I refuse to post the picture cause it will just ruin the look of my whole entire blog. Lets just say its "cheeky"

Friday, December 17, 2010


 Is it wrong to stack logs with no purpose except for a nice wintery vibe? I think not.. I would do this in my house if I know G wouldn't climb on them or grab one and beat the cat up with it. I feel like I am slowly becoming that Mom that has to hide away all of her worldly possessions and knick knacks so that her child doesn't try and float them in the toilet. I find myself raising my voice often to G "honey please put Mommy's archipelago candles down... honey yucky-yucky you can't eat mom's vintage Chinese calligraphy brushes...G put down the agate coasters.... oh-no did you just go potty on my Ben Ourain rug!!!" Haha ok let's get real I don't own a Ben Ourain rug.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Limey Pickled Oak,

I don't like limes much and I am not that big on pickles, but if you pickle or lime a piece of furniture, floors or even walls I am totally into it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bog Blog

Currently our bathrooms are OFF limits. The duck has cut down the money tree and stopped me from touching our bathrooms. Believe me I don't blame him, this whole re-modeling your own house business can get a bit overwhelming!!! Since I am forced to hold my horses on the toilet rooms I have decided to post a bit of beauties I currently have on my love list. ( please excuse my lack of knowledge as to where most of these images were sourced from, I have had them in my files for a looong time)